Our Services

Autism Teachers Training

Equip educators to support autistic children – behavior, needs, IEPs, assessment, and strategies for successful learning.

Autism Teachers Advanced Training

Customized solutions for educators facing challenges with autistic children – tapping into talents and ensuring success.

Autism Caregivers Training (Group Sessions)

Basic knowledge for caregivers of autistic children. Learn to respond to daily needs, suitable for parents, nannies, and more.

Consultancy and Research

Technical consultancy for institutions & organization working with autism. Enhance support and inclusivity for those on the spectrum.

Consult as You Parent 1:1

Personalized guidance for parents of children with autism. Overcome challenges, from behavior to education and talent development.

Speaking Engagements (Dr. Neema Lema)

Dr. Neema Lema is an expert in autism and child health. A respected consultant, author, and speaker in Kenya’s leading newspapers.

Courses for Autistic Parents and Cargivers

Learn different strategies to use while communicating with your child on the spectrum whether verbal or non – verbal.

Corporate Human Resource Training

This training is for organisations that would wish to include autist youths for attachment or internship.

Early Diagnosis and Intervention

Autism screening to children whose parents are concerned about their children’s development.